Science Nerd

and no apologies :)

A little bit of background

I'm Barry McGettigan and I have been involved in education all my working life. After finishing my science degree (in microbiology and biochemistry) I trained to become a teacher. My first job was working in computer aided learning in a Dublin university for a number of years before I moved back to the traditional classroom. I make lesson plans for busy science teachers in my 'spare' time!

I help science teachers like you take back their time

It's difficult trying to juggle everything and avoid overwhelm. My science lessons will help you get back your time, get more prepared than ever before and get your students engaged, motivated, learning and loving science.

How nerdy am I?

One of my students asked me what my favourite Christmas present was. I replied that it was a science encyclopedia (it was the truth, it was a great book that really helped flame the spark that was already there). The look of pity was priceless. 

3 things you didn't know about me

I'm a published author of 2 classroom books on computers.

I was an actor for a few years. The stereotypical one, poor.

I make restaurant quality pizza. (I recommend the Ferrari pizza maker. Total game changer).

My Motto

"If you're enthusiastic about your subject you can't help but inspire your students".

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