I'm Barry McGettigan aka Acorn Nuts About Science. I've been teaching in the classroom for over 20 years.

What Do I Do?

I create science lessons to remember. I love making science lessons come alive. You know the ones where students are engaged and actively learning? Enjoying science?!!! Yep, those ones.

The upside to this is that my classroom tested lessons save you hundreds of hours of prep time so you can relax and teach knowing that your lessons are going to be awesome.

Where Am I From?

I live in sunny Ireland. I'm from Donegal (right at the top of the country) but I've been living in Dublin since I was a student in UCD studying microbiology and biochemistry. (I'll never be a true Dub though, you've to be born and bred here PLUS your ancestors have to go back 7 generations!).

3 things you didn't know about me

I'm a published author of 2 classroom books.

I was an actor for a few years. The stereotypical one, poor.

I make restaurant quality pizza. (I recommend the Ferrari pizza maker. Total game changer).

Looking for lessons to remember?

Here you go. These valuable lesson plans include complete lessons, sub plans, interactive notebook pages and much more. I'll admit right of the bat that I'm not great at sending emails so you'll only get the occasional email from me e.g. when I've a new resource coming out etc. I hate spam too so no worries there. Unsubscribe anytime.


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