Engaging Lesson Plans for Science Teachers.

Get your students engaged, learning and loving science without spending hours planning each lesson.

Hands up! Do you recognise yourself in any of the following?

  • You're frustrated that your students aren't engaged and loving science.

  • You're feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with new standards and models of instruction.

  • You may be a new science teacher or moving grades and feel unprepared.

  • You're struggling to plan lessons and fit everything into your busy life.

  • My science lesson plans are proven to engage students.‚Äč

  • No more guess work.

  • No long hours planning, searching for resources and writing plans that you hope will engage your students.

  • Your evenings and week-ends are yours again.

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  • Complete 5E Lesson Plan

  • Science Stations Lab

  • Periodic Table Bingo

  • 10 Ways to Engage the Bored Science Student ebook

  • Task Cards

  • Interactive Notebook

  • Warmups

  • Sub Plan

  • Posters for your classroom

  • and more!

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Testimonials From Science Teachers Like You

"The most comprehensive pack I've purchased". C Nedich

"This resource really saved my life last year. I was a first year teacher and my first experience teaching physical science. This helped SO much! Thank you!" Sarah L.

"This is wonderful, my students are enjoying the activities already. Thank you for making my life easier!" Anita C.

"Thank you for a much needed guide on how to approach the standards! Can't wait to use this in the classroom!"

"Extremely engaging! Even lowest readers were interested!" Emily Villafane

"No words to say how much I loved this!"

"Used every page of this resource." Thank you. Carrie F.

"My students were thoroughly engaged the entire time! Thank you". Aimee B.

"Students loved it. It made my life so much easier". Sharon M.

"Awesome! It covered all parts of the standard. I couldn't have done a better job myself." Toria D.

"This was my first time teaching this material and this resource was VERY comprehensive. Thank you!" Katrina D.

"This set of foldables and activities was perfect for what we're doing in science! We're keeping an interactive notebook, and this was one of the best resources I've used! Thanks!" Theresa Farnsworth

"This was a great purchase for my class! It was easy to understand and made our lessons more hands-on and fun!" Amanda B.

"Great, comprehensive interactive resource. My students loved it". Bernadette D.

"Great resource. Love using interactive notebook. Your resources make it so easy!" Mitzi J.

"I loved the comic book activities! What seemed somewhat simple at first really made the kids slow down and process the information."

"What a great resource to help students understand a complex idea. I like the practice on the ideas and the variety of ways that I can adapt notes for students' ability and interest levels. I can't wait to share the scientists names and ideas with students". Kathleen B.


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